The Mission

We have been humbled and indeed grateful for the wonderful manifestation of the prophesies and works of Almighty God that has been evidenced from day to day, week to week and month to month in this ministry.  The word of God declared in Ephesians 4:15 that “but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ”.  That being said, the grace of God has been kind and generous to the ministry. 

In the past twelve months the ministry has grown from grace to grace and strength to strength.  There were some phenomenal appointments and ordinations that were directed and sanctioned by God for a few of His chosen servants.  Our Pastor has been hand-picked by the Lord to be a Commander in Chief in His Army and so he was ordained and blessed  as an Overseer while  Evangelist  Jacqueline Williams, his partner in life as well as in the battlefield was appointed as a Minister of the Gospel.  Missionary Dahlia Graham, one of God’s warriors,  was appointed as an Evangelist.   Sister Pearline Wright has also  been appointed as a Missionary-Elect and is awaiting her confirmation as a Missionary. Our pool of Officers increased in numbers from seven to 13.